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A little drop of water I will be

When a little drop of water I will be I will hang on to a ray and climb it up onto a cloud and travel here and travel there..

I will find you there, of this I am sure going about your day as you do and I will follow you and hear you curse for it to rain I will wait until you cry aloud irritated that you need it to pour and then I would tease some more send you a breeze, maybe a clap of thunder and when you stop to care, I will follow you and see you go about your day as you do And then, I will drop with the rain on your windshield or your head And maybe follow you home and hear about your day and off I will go again for another one of those adventures that will bring me to you again
swinging by the rays, flowing with the clouds....
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mind brews!

I have a racing heart And am anxious too I am trying to focus But my mind refuses to I remember weakened will It adds to my raising pulse Whatever’s bothering, escapes me And grips my conscious I hope it is a caffeine overdose But I know that is not true Restless, anxious, unable to focus I await my mind’s new brew.

It smells like home today

When sometimes early in the morning
I wake up but am not awake yet
I hear the birds chirping outside
and imagine the cooker's whistle going off
and I transport to a different time
And it smells like home around.

I make myself breakfast
and get ready for work
but I cant get my mind off
the thoughts of happy home.
Sometimes I forget while
I sip on my morning coffee
That I am not at home
and that it is far away.

And I revel in the trance
that I am home and it is wonderful

Flurries today!

Every time I look out the window My heart makes up words To explain what I see And seldom are they really enough
We have flurries today Oh what a beautiful sight White cotton balls floating I wish there were other words to describe.
I love dull & gloomy days Is that really so bad I like them sunny too And whatever way they come.
When it is cloudy, Soon there will be rain… And oh I so love the water And the smell of wet terrain
Or it may snow Or we could have flurries And everything looks real nice Like a happy picture post card.
But you know this already For I write and I write About the pretty weather, Always, all the time.

On & on

I breathe fresh air, with lingering smells
of last night's rain and the morning fumes.
I hear crickets and the sound of tires
and that of the planes flying overhead..

Behind the curtain of very tall trees,
I see parts of the houses in the lane behind.
Like the ticking clock in my living room
everything seems to be working on time..

Like a machine my world goes on.
And time passes by and life goes on.