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I have a dream

I have a dream, I live it by the day
lost I may seem, but I am on my way
When in the mob, A tear wells up
your presence ensures, that my mood lightens up
I pass my time, and pass a smile
and walk little by little, every mile

Trust me cos I cant show it well
you mean more than I can tell
Evident it might not be
but it is you I want to see

In the dark night
When the silence haunts
In your words I find strength
I find peace...

Can I ask you to stay?
In any true way...
In my tomorrow..
in life's every day?

When you walk in a dream

When you walk in a dream,
IT is hard, it may seem..
Take a step, one very slow,
let another one follow ...
And as you walk back to reality ..
Carry with you every moment ,
It might seem to be another triviality
But trust me, every one will count.


When I hate the entire world...
there is one face i always wanna see..
whether the mood is good or bad..
there is always a thought of thee.

Right now..

Nivi and I were at Muddy's- the coffee house.. Nivi was studying and I was in the mood for poetry...So.. when asked she said.. write about RIGHT NOW...
So here I go...

The piano notes of the old classic
the aroma of sweet smelling coffee
the comfortable silence people work in
and the noisy laughter of more coming in
the cold night outside
fall colors on the stone
the stand still of the moment
or is it the time ticking by?
peaceful thoughts of nothingness
the wierd poem on the wall
the black and white pictures of memories
the payphone from which no one can ever call
Right now is a now
the present that wasnt and will not
the now that goes on and on in the now
I wanna stop it, I cannot..

I dread the night.

The sound of the alarm
that wakes me up in the morning
The smell of the comforter
is that of your choosing
The aroma of coffee
brings a smile on my face,
the fall outside,
brings a peace from within
As the day progresses
into the cold rain I walk
the sound of my steps
Crush the dry leaves on the path..
My stride is happy
nothing to complain about..
The evening with the gang
is all I need for a mood lift
the chick flick in the night
with a good dinner and dessert
It seems like a perfectly normal day
One in which everything went my way
but in my bed when I lay
and think I am happy and try to be gay
but the thought is forceful and it hurts I say
There is something in the day
that was not as right
I cant point it out as such
but there was definitely something
pain, I cant say as much
but at the end of it, I feel alone
in the sea of people I stand only one
A bunch of friends who smile always
a shoulder to cry whenever I need one
And then , life goes on..
and it goes on and on
and then the alarm rings
and the morning…

Winning and Losing

I am tired of losing
Losing to time..
Losing to life..
and to life's every way..

It amazes me how
I can take failure
But to want to win,
is like torture.

It drives me crazy
that I understand and think
and I believe and I know
what I want when I wink.

I know what I want
I know the way to it
I know the pain
and I dont need it.

I want to be the
positive person I am
that there is nothing that
I really give a damn..

I cant live in the agony
In the sunset, I can find my karma
There has to be a new beginning
A new dawn to begin a new drama

That I think about every night
and I live in my everyday..
Its time for a new act
another lift of curtain in life's play.

It is time for Victory
release from agony,
it is time to win the battle
I fight every day

With myself I am at war
It is me who has to win
My emotions, complexes,
my weaknesses to overcome.

Today, tomorrow and forever
One day at a time
To find myself another quest
a race against the same time.
Sometimes I cant help but wonder
if it is my imagination or it is true
That people are not like each other
And sometimes I just dont have a clue...

I want to go home:|

Sunshine through the wndow screen
On a morning so bright
Interrupting a beautiful dream..
Behold,it was a sight
The sunrays on my face
make me smile from within
what a dream it was
I wonder what season...
I was walking on the road
that led me to my home
the sweet smell of the flowers
on the creeper they bloom
Mom on the front porch
Dad reading news
Meera yawning in her sleep
sweet nostalgic memories

Coffee in the mug...
driving to work..
I keep thinking of the dream
My thoughts race back

The aroma of wet ground
The platter of the rain
That is what I want ...
This drives me insane

I drop my keys
I sigh and walk in
Into the world real
Away from my precious dream

I have a morning
A noon and a night
Of home, just once
Only once, lemme have a sight!!!

Sometimes its easy
to think this is home
Sometimes it is crazy
how it can never come close!!!!!!


Being thinking for a while...
Sometimes I need you to smile...
like it is the lifeline,
That decides your mood and mine..

Like that twinkle that travels
from your eyes to your lips
Like something has interrupted
the silence with tics...

When your laughter rings n the room..
the time just stops and holds
Like in the sad stand still,
a stream of joy flows...

To brighten my mood...
to laugh and say ...
no matter what happens...
there is always a way.

....sometimes I dont understand how and why!!!!!!!!

I dont want you!!!!

I dont want this.
I dont want the pain,
that follows this joy,
I dont want to have a friend
who has to leave in the end

I dont want you in my life
you will have to go
I dont want to cry and say bye
and smile to show
Like I dont care if you leave
like its okay if you aint here...

I like you and you are very nice
but I dont want a habit I cant lose
I like spending time with you
But I dont want the silence thatll follow for sure
I like hanging out with you
but tomorrow I have to do without you....

Today might seem okay and cool
but tomorrow... I will be all blue...

It is so much easier...
when I am not near you...
that ways I dont have a habit
and a worry to lose..

Is it true? that time does this?
Everyone goes through this???
Is friends forever necessarily,
only in the mind and heart...
And has nothing to do with today
and in todays every minute?

aLwAyS sMiLe

There are a bunch of things...
That always make you smile...
The warmth of the sun on a morning blue...
The splatter of the rain drops,
The smell of wet earth,
The breeze blowing in your hair,
The racing road under your shoes,
The ringtone on your cell,
The cooling glasses' shade,
The colour of the world,
The aroma of fried onions,
The bouncing voice saying hi!,
The messages on my orkut ,
The green trees, the blue sky,
The cliche, the cheesy,
The bold , the classy ,
The talk, the voices,
people, their choices,
The amusements of todays,
memories, moments relived,
friends, new and old,
A lot more every dawn,
everything a note of a song,
A day lived, A day gone,
one more to begin,.... one more...

I will always smile:D


Running in the morning...
From my dreams , into the nightmares of the day...
Running to reach...
Some place soon , where I dont have any say...
Running to finish...
goals insane, what I set for myself the other day...
Running back home...
to dinner same, that I had last day...
Running always ...
Running from the past,
Running in the present
Into the future....
From yesterday to tomorrow...
to do something, to get somewhere,
Running Always..
How long..... I dont know...
One never really does know..

On my way

In this journey
As I walk
From my beginning to my end
On my way
I see a new play
A streak of change
In my steps, happy and gay
Of music a note
Of happiness a quote
Of today a testimonial
Of now memorial
Sometimes a game
We win and lose pain
Sometimes all same
Like everyday is in vain
A purpose, a goal
Of tomorrow a dream
Of success, of victory,
A story, I claim!!!

Like a

Like success is calling to me...
And Failure is holding me back
Like aspiration exceeds limitations...
and circumstances choose to be excuses
Like the voice inside me screams in silence
falling to unhearing ears and echoing
Something inside me refuses to suffer
to suffer that I am being me....

When it is time....

No matter what day, what time,
Everytime I walk in this door,
A rush of memories, an uncontrollable smile,
Nostalgic joy, into my heart, pour...

I miss being here, when I am not...
I hate it , I will have to leave,
I wish I would not....

Strange is life.... strange is time...
strange are the ways of people
somehow..I want to say MINE...

June 12 2006

I really hate leaving the lab I have worked in for the last one year... it definitely is not the work alone but everyone else who worked with me....


I feel harsh agony....
of thoughts, an unending chain
Like the entire universe is just so gloomy
is it just the pain?

What is it with me?
Am I throwing tantrums
what is it with my life...
it is always in dirt rags

What is wrong with my friends
Can I still call them mine
Everything they say hurts
or is it just the time??

Like the fall leaf,
green yet alone
I feel like I have lost
that I could never win..

All my complexes catch up with my today
and that which dont, nag me every other day...
I am sure it is just right now...
I am sure tomorrow will be another day...

But today is sad... another blow taken
from life's ways, another lesson learnt
Why do I keep expecting that it is true
when all I see is everything hazy and blue :(

Sometimes I think this self pity will kill me
It has already turned me into this people hating person
I fear that what I hold dear,
will be lost to this gloomy BLUE JOY KILLING MONSTER!!!!!

Original High on Caffeine:D

I wanted to give the due credit I owe to Dharmesh for inspiring the original poem ...he was sleeping... and actually dozing off with eyes closed....
The addition to the poem was for him... he had a long evening after that...

Caffeine in my blood..
makes me all whooozy..
thoughts in my head..
make me all dizzy.

I am all excited ...
for no reason at all...
Like it were a sign..
to be here et al..

The evening is usual..
the weather too..
theres nothing new about the day..
but everything seems so true.

I am playing around with words..
like I cant stop the flow..
If I try to stop this....
I am going to scream for sure..

The night might be good..
Or may be very bad..
But I dont care right now..
I am all high on caffeine right now:)

you look like you need some sleep
do I have to remind
that you have a formal evening
and dinner, Hope you unwind..

And dont you laugh aloud
you might attract attention
albeit small, its still a crowd
and will appreciate your discretion.

to this dharmesh wrote :

She is crazy right now...


When I am lost
All directions lead nowhere
When I only rest
and have no clue how to go or where
I stop and think...
Do I really not dream the right dreams...
Do I really not know where to go...
Am I really so disoriented...
Have I always had no goal...

I want a dream and I know I had one..
It is here some place.. I cant have had none...
I had one and saved it for later
in my heart to help my mind...
When I am lost and have nothing to do and nowhere to go...
for a way to find.
when it is time to set it free...
To make it come true, till then, let it be:)

..... 04.02.06

High On Caffeine

Caffeine in my blood..
makes me all whooozy..
thoughts in my head..
make me all dizzy.

I am all excited ...
for no reason at all...
Like it were a sign..
to be here et al..

The evening is usual..
the weather too..
theres nothing new about the day..
but everything seems so true.

I am playing around with words..
like I cant stop the flow..
If I try to stop this....
I am going to scream for sure..

The night might be good..
Or may be very bad..
But I dont care right now..
I am all high on caffeine right now:)

............Megha Andra 04.02.06

Good Mood

I am in a particularly good mood today…
I have no clue what I am trying to say…
I met a few people and worked my way,
Through the morning happy and gay,

All things in life, old and new…
Seem to be connected in some way…
I think of my school and college and through…
But the present seems to have them and more too,

I sit here and smile to myself…
Looking out, everything is so clear…
Dry Branches of naked trees in the window I see…
They seem to be swaying to a sweet melody…
The roaring of a car I hear and the clicking of keys…
And they all sound like music to my ears…
There seems to be something in the air …
This joy in me, I seem to want to share…

Strange I say are the ways of time…
Yesterday, I was so sad and down…
Today is beautiful though
And also calm….
All those yesterdays are gone
And today is here and that’s enough to go on!!

………02 08 06

Monotonic life

Sometimes life is just so small
everything is but a monotone
The essence of living
is all gone and is just bare bone

In times like this, as is today
I think of finding hope....
Finding a note of joy so gay
Something to smile about and hang on to...

A word from a friend
a message never read
a smile from a stranger
a story never heard
a pain someone shared
a moment treasured
of any human emotion
of any note of any song...

something to show the colors
of life so bright and clear..
some hummable melody
reminding of life so full

Something to say that today
is but just a shade
that when tomorrow comes knocking
there will be more to say...

20 February 2006

I am supposed to write a poem

I am trying to find the words...
to say what i want to say...
Be right and choose them so...
that they sound right in every way..

I have been asked very politely so..
to voice my thoughts and keep it right..
I am trying to find the words..
to say what i want to say..

I have begun to write something
My thoughts are these, I am sure..
I want to make some sense...
But it looks like pain I endure..

I am afraid to say what goes on..
in this mind and heart of mine..
It might not be what you want to hear...
It might just be a waste of time..

I am scared you wont see through the words..
I am sure you wont read between the lines..
I am honest but wrong it may sound...
It is me all along, not just at times...

10 March 2006