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Monotonic life

Sometimes life is just so small
everything is but a monotone
The essence of living
is all gone and is just bare bone

In times like this, as is today
I think of finding hope....
Finding a note of joy so gay
Something to smile about and hang on to...

A word from a friend
a message never read
a smile from a stranger
a story never heard
a pain someone shared
a moment treasured
of any human emotion
of any note of any song...

something to show the colors
of life so bright and clear..
some hummable melody
reminding of life so full

Something to say that today
is but just a shade
that when tomorrow comes knocking
there will be more to say...

20 February 2006

I am supposed to write a poem

I am trying to find the words...
to say what i want to say...
Be right and choose them so...
that they sound right in every way..

I have been asked very politely so..
to voice my thoughts and keep it right..
I am trying to find the words..
to say what i want to say..

I have begun to write something
My thoughts are these, I am sure..
I want to make some sense...
But it looks like pain I endure..

I am afraid to say what goes on..
in this mind and heart of mine..
It might not be what you want to hear...
It might just be a waste of time..

I am scared you wont see through the words..
I am sure you wont read between the lines..
I am honest but wrong it may sound...
It is me all along, not just at times...

10 March 2006