23 March 2006

I am supposed to write a poem

I am trying to find the words...
to say what i want to say...
Be right and choose them so...
that they sound right in every way..

I have been asked very politely so..
to voice my thoughts and keep it right..
I am trying to find the words..
to say what i want to say..

I have begun to write something
My thoughts are these, I am sure..
I want to make some sense...
But it looks like pain I endure..

I am afraid to say what goes on..
in this mind and heart of mine..
It might not be what you want to hear...
It might just be a waste of time..

I am scared you wont see through the words..
I am sure you wont read between the lines..
I am honest but wrong it may sound...
It is me all along, not just at times...

10 March 2006

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