05 April 2006

Original High on Caffeine:D

I wanted to give the due credit I owe to Dharmesh for inspiring the original poem ...he was sleeping... and actually dozing off with eyes closed....
The addition to the poem was for him... he had a long evening after that...

Caffeine in my blood..
makes me all whooozy..
thoughts in my head..
make me all dizzy.

I am all excited ...
for no reason at all...
Like it were a sign..
to be here et al..

The evening is usual..
the weather too..
theres nothing new about the day..
but everything seems so true.

I am playing around with words..
like I cant stop the flow..
If I try to stop this....
I am going to scream for sure..

The night might be good..
Or may be very bad..
But I dont care right now..
I am all high on caffeine right now:)

you look like you need some sleep
do I have to remind
that you have a formal evening
and dinner, Hope you unwind..

And dont you laugh aloud
you might attract attention
albeit small, its still a crowd
and will appreciate your discretion.

to this dharmesh wrote :

She is crazy right now...
Feelin hazy right now...
Her words are jazzy right now...
all I can say is wow wow wow. :D

Hahaha......and we thot we both can go to the same class and actually listen:)):D

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