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Showing posts from May, 2006


I feel harsh agony....
of thoughts, an unending chain
Like the entire universe is just so gloomy
is it just the pain?

What is it with me?
Am I throwing tantrums
what is it with my life...
it is always in dirt rags

What is wrong with my friends
Can I still call them mine
Everything they say hurts
or is it just the time??

Like the fall leaf,
green yet alone
I feel like I have lost
that I could never win..

All my complexes catch up with my today
and that which dont, nag me every other day...
I am sure it is just right now...
I am sure tomorrow will be another day...

But today is sad... another blow taken
from life's ways, another lesson learnt
Why do I keep expecting that it is true
when all I see is everything hazy and blue :(

Sometimes I think this self pity will kill me
It has already turned me into this people hating person
I fear that what I hold dear,
will be lost to this gloomy BLUE JOY KILLING MONSTER!!!!!