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aLwAyS sMiLe

There are a bunch of things...
That always make you smile...
The warmth of the sun on a morning blue...
The splatter of the rain drops,
The smell of wet earth,
The breeze blowing in your hair,
The racing road under your shoes,
The ringtone on your cell,
The cooling glasses' shade,
The colour of the world,
The aroma of fried onions,
The bouncing voice saying hi!,
The messages on my orkut ,
The green trees, the blue sky,
The cliche, the cheesy,
The bold , the classy ,
The talk, the voices,
people, their choices,
The amusements of todays,
memories, moments relived,
friends, new and old,
A lot more every dawn,
everything a note of a song,
A day lived, A day gone,
one more to begin,.... one more...

I will always smile:D


Running in the morning...
From my dreams , into the nightmares of the day...
Running to reach...
Some place soon , where I dont have any say...
Running to finish...
goals insane, what I set for myself the other day...
Running back home...
to dinner same, that I had last day...
Running always ...
Running from the past,
Running in the present
Into the future....
From yesterday to tomorrow...
to do something, to get somewhere,
Running Always..
How long..... I dont know...
One never really does know..

On my way

In this journey
As I walk
From my beginning to my end
On my way
I see a new play
A streak of change
In my steps, happy and gay
Of music a note
Of happiness a quote
Of today a testimonial
Of now memorial
Sometimes a game
We win and lose pain
Sometimes all same
Like everyday is in vain
A purpose, a goal
Of tomorrow a dream
Of success, of victory,
A story, I claim!!!