06 August 2006

I dont want you!!!!

I dont want this.
I dont want the pain,
that follows this joy,
I dont want to have a friend
who has to leave in the end

I dont want you in my life
you will have to go
I dont want to cry and say bye
and smile to show
Like I dont care if you leave
like its okay if you aint here...

I like you and you are very nice
but I dont want a habit I cant lose
I like spending time with you
But I dont want the silence thatll follow for sure
I like hanging out with you
but tomorrow I have to do without you....

Today might seem okay and cool
but tomorrow... I will be all blue...

It is so much easier...
when I am not near you...
that ways I dont have a habit
and a worry to lose..

Is it true? that time does this?
Everyone goes through this???
Is friends forever necessarily,
only in the mind and heart...
And has nothing to do with today
and in todays every minute?

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