15 August 2006

I want to go home:|

Sunshine through the wndow screen
On a morning so bright
Interrupting a beautiful dream..
Behold,it was a sight
The sunrays on my face
make me smile from within
what a dream it was
I wonder what season...
I was walking on the road
that led me to my home
the sweet smell of the flowers
on the creeper they bloom
Mom on the front porch
Dad reading news
Meera yawning in her sleep
sweet nostalgic memories

Coffee in the mug...
driving to work..
I keep thinking of the dream
My thoughts race back

The aroma of wet ground
The platter of the rain
That is what I want ...
This drives me insane

I drop my keys
I sigh and walk in
Into the world real
Away from my precious dream

I have a morning
A noon and a night
Of home, just once
Only once, lemme have a sight!!!

Sometimes its easy
to think this is home
Sometimes it is crazy
how it can never come close!!!!!!

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