25 October 2006

I dread the night.

The sound of the alarm
that wakes me up in the morning
The smell of the comforter
is that of your choosing
The aroma of coffee
brings a smile on my face,
the fall outside,
brings a peace from within
As the day progresses
into the cold rain I walk
the sound of my steps
Crush the dry leaves on the path..
My stride is happy
nothing to complain about..
The evening with the gang
is all I need for a mood lift
the chick flick in the night
with a good dinner and dessert
It seems like a perfectly normal day
One in which everything went my way
but in my bed when I lay
and think I am happy and try to be gay
but the thought is forceful and it hurts I say
There is something in the day
that was not as right
I cant point it out as such
but there was definitely something
pain, I cant say as much
but at the end of it, I feel alone
in the sea of people I stand only one
A bunch of friends who smile always
a shoulder to cry whenever I need one
And then , life goes on..
and it goes on and on
and then the alarm rings
and the morning so bright
welcomes me to the day
and I dread the night....

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