23 February 2007

Friday Afternoon

Its Friday afternoon
I am at my desk
I don’t wanna work
I do try my best

Its starting to happen
The Friday afternoon
The excitement is in the air
You see, Friday is a boon

Tip tap tip tap tap tip tip tip tap
Can you define the sound of a key?
Not the one that rings a note
But the one with which you write you see
The speed is faster
The rhythm clear
The tiny typing clatter
From far and near
Why does everything sound louder?
And like music to my ear?

Ring ring goes another phone
‘Hello’ was all the other one said before
There goes Joan’s cell phone
Or was that the one we heard before?
‘Oh Yeah’ ‘Tonite ‘ ‘ meet you there’
‘Tomorrow cant make it’ ‘ cant fit it anywhere’
‘Its your fault man’ ‘I wont argue today’
‘Will you make it to the game’ ‘It is still Friday’
I hear responses, some related, some are not
People have plans, some happen, some may not..
But that aint gonna be the reason, to spoil today
After all its still Friday, is it not?

Everyone has work to do
But the passages get noisier too
It is 3 o clock already now
‘hey! Hello!! Keep it down’
‘Its Friday’ Someone’s screamed back
‘And I, am your boss and I say you work
and Shut up if you wanna come back!!’
Everything is a little calmer
Only for a while to listen to power

Oh! There’s a game on Sunday that’s why the din
It has started to sound like rocks in a tin
Is it that movie that’s gonna release today
Or is it that nominated but lost, that play
The weather is cold, its gonna snow tomorrow
But that aint gonna cause anyone any sorrow.

Its endearing this noise, this day
Like its relieving people from pain
I love my work, I really do
But then Who can deny …
… Friday is weekend past afternoon

1 comment:

john said...

WEll Well Well.... Luk wot we have here.... hmmmm...... Didnt know u write poems.....
N this ones awesome!!! ( But i gotta tell ya dat my weekend starts on a Friday n ends on a Monday... Cant complanin atleast for dis semester :P)

Well All The Best!!!!