27 March 2007

heart and mind

When does the heart stop talking
and the mind starts to say..
On life's path, when you are walking
what makes you choose your way...

Where does the line divide
what your heart yearns and the mind wants
What is it that brings you joy
the yearning or of wishes, grants?

Does the heart want only abstract
and the mind only material..
If that is not the contrast
with this issue, how do I deal?

Am I just thinking or do I want to know
what is it that makes me hope..
what is it that makes me want
what is it that holds my peace
what is it that makes me weep
and where do I look to find it now?

when you say your heart hurts
and when you say its filled with joy..
when you say you are out of your mind
or that your mind is running wild ..

What tells you that you are sad..
is it the pain in the heart or mind
what tells you to act right or wrong
is it the heart or the mind's song???

Now whatever makes me feel wierd
Is making me feels so, and strong
Do I really have to know which one
has me so confused all along???

09 March 2007

Lucky me:)

I have come a long way from my beginning
dont know, dont care about how long from my end
In this journey thats short and long
I have gained some and sometimes, lost a friend
sometimes I have passed my joy
sometimes held the tears that fell
sometimes let go of someone I love
theres a lot more I dont want to tell
Sometimes seemed like I had all I could ask for
but something always remained unexplained
There have been the nows and there is the forever
There is always something I dont understand
In happiness, in blues, in a smile and fears
sometimes in the truth and many a times after tears
There is a part of life I dont know of
and still am happy in what I have
I wonder at times, sometimes and always
Somethings, I am lucky to have:)