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Showing posts from August, 2007


Sometimes, I cant help but wonder
Have I lived my life fully
I can keep thinking forever
but cant say yes or no really
a direction i seek, many i try
a few steps here, a few there
i pass a path, one unknown
and stop coz i want some more
but where is it that i want to go
at peace, in conflict, where?
what is it that i want to do
in hope, in despair, what?
Is there one answer to a question?


I received a poem by email
Its name was 'darkness'
I read four lines and well,
I dint think it made any sense.
Is it dark when there is no light
is it dark when I lose a fight...
when is it really dark I wonder
But the dark I say I fear
The fear of the unknown...
the fear of the unseen...
the fear of silence
the fear that is in me...
I keep getting lost...
I hold on to a thread
I keep losing hold
and know not where I tread...
Sooner or later it has to end,
I probe in the air ahead
I step slowly and forward or back
there is no way to know whats beyond
I think I am walking in circles
nothing ahead, nothing behind...
I think I should stop and wait
I dont know what I am to find...
I expect me, I find you
Are you me or am I you?
Am I talking any sense?
See.. thats how I feel
about what is not and what is real,
when I talk of darkness.....