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Just when you think!!

Just when you think
The darkness is complete
A closed door cracks
And a ray of light peeps inJust when you think
You have endured it all
You surprise yourself
And take another brave fallJust when you think
You have finally gathered
All the pieces of your broken heart
It is crushed anew
And somehow you know
Nothing can really tear it apart
Just when you think
There are only black clouds
When you wished for blue skies
The aroma of the wet earth
Reminds you of the dry days
And that they are all … just happy cloudsJust when you think
This is the end of the world
To choose to live or die
You wish you could
When everything good
Seems to have been replaced
And your heart and mind
Are totally empty
A breeze of thought….
Maybe it’s the choice you make
That changes your destiny
It is always how things you take
Sometimes easy,
sometimes tough
You always have a choice
When things get rough.