19 May 2008

I am and I was...

Am I what I used to be?
Am I someone else?
If its me who is just me,
how can I be anyone else?

Am I doing what I used to do?
Or am I doing different?
Was I then, not what I am?
or am I not what I was then?

If in thoughts, and space and time,
I feel I am myself all the way,
am I changing so slowly so,
that I know not what is happening..
Or is it just me and I find no change
In all this time thats passing...

In all as much and more,
I cant help but wonder
Is there supposed to be a
What I MEANT to be?

!!! ------I called a friend after a long long time and she said I dont sound like I used to and that I havent written anything for a very long time... So I started to think if I am not being myself and here is what happened... :) ------ !!!

1 comment:

Kavita said...

You are just what you have been... great at this..