19 June 2008

In a long day, a short pause.

I do not know if there is heaven or hell
I do not know if there is good and bad

I do not know a lot of these things that guide all of us
to do the things we do and be happy and sad...

I know that there is a complete feeling in a child's laughter
An energy so refreshing thats just mesmerizing
Like the entire universe that was flowing along
Just stopped surprised, coming to stand still.

I know that there is a sense of peace to hear gurgling streams of water.
I know there is a something romantic about the gentle breeze in the hot sun..

I know that kites are always like our spirit, lighter than the air
Where you lead them, there they go, in joy, they sway..
I know that the colors in the flowers, are like the flavors of life...
That everyday, new and beautiful is here to stay.

Sometimes, in a day so rough you wish you could just give it all up,
a little push of confidence comes from a least expected place...

I do not know what inspired this poem I know that it is related
I do not know how to relate this but I know, I just feel so good...

A long day - a long fight, with things to do and the guilt of those not done
A short pause to think of some of the things, that make my day bright ....


Kavita said...


నరేంద్ర said...

made my heart light.. :)