21 July 2008

Sometimes I think

Sometimes I think
I am just a little girl
living in the make believe
world of her own...

Sometimes I think
these emotions so strong
that drive me into
a moment of action, may not...

Sometimes I think
I know it all...
this life, this earth,
the meaning and all...

sometimes I dream
and I think I am unique
different in thinking
different in being me...

Sometimes I wish
things wouldnt be so
and if they wouldnt be like this
what I would want them to be ...

Sometimes I know
I am just living so
in a fantasy land where
everything is fake ...

But why do I care
I am happy today
Like the wise people say...
Tomorrow is another day.


Kavita said...

That a nice one. :)

నరేంద్ర said...

after all we are human and i believe we are designed!!! to act like this...but some do surprise the world by knowing the design themselves..