14 July 2009

I am STRONG!!!!

I am strong and I know, I can beat this
The war's not outside, but within me.
Many have been days of fear and uncertainty
And many I know will pass
Before I reach the destiny I seek.

Long have been the nights,
I have worried myself to sleep
the things I have known I do wrong
I changed not, though I did weep

Long have been the days in dark
I have seeked neither light nor lead
I have let me be led by my fears
Even though I knew it all along

I had dreams and I see them now
and so many days I awoke
to the nightmares that I cooked up
while my dreams awaited my attention.

I have the strength to bend my will
I have the strength to seek help
I will find my path and my way
and reach the destiny I seek.


Kavita said...

You definitely Will reach the destiny that you seek!!!
All my best wishes always with you!!

Dharmesh said...

The boosters "your buddies" are with you all the way... just holler.. I like the way you alternated your previous happy post with this.. wouldn't call it negative but rather neutral since it sounds more like your internal struggle to look into the future..

Good wishes!! :)

Megha said...

@ Dharmesh
:D I guess I am too hyper to be in one state for a long time...

@Dharmesh and Kavita
:D Thank you for the support:) Holler I will :)