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Flowers, Colors and the rain...

In the balcony I have
plants in several ceramic pots,
plants that stay green
and those that flower lots...

Religiously I would everyday
check on their well being,
direct the ivy to go up railings
take out dry leaves and weeds...
I would water them and clean up the area
and talk to them happy thoughts
I wonder if they listened...

I have petunias that are
white, lavender, pink and purple
Little red flowers that grow in bunches
and tiny little yellow roses...

I also have onions and jalapenos
and sprouts of pulses planted..
you know, parsley and corriander
and a little ginger too...

But they wouldnt bloom...they wouldnt grow
They would look fine but there was no color
and the ivy wouldn't climb up the string
the petunias would be green but not one flower....

And then it rained.

And then came the rain, oh just too heavy
The days were dull, and evenings so dark..
Windy and cold, all the while cloudy
it wouldn't stop and would pour and pour....
it would ruin your clothes if you stepped out
and made the days and the mood so sour...

And then I looked out, at 10 one morning,
it was still twilight, that suddenly grew bright....

There was now color,
color in the balcony
there are petunias of all colors
the ivy is long and up the railing
the yellow roses so many
have covered the little rose pot
and the red bunches of stars
look like they are smiling...

Also the onions have broken
and new green leaves have sprouted
the spices look good
and there is a jalapeƱo plant bush...

The rain doesn't seem so bad now
when I sit amidst the colors
and think about how there is a rainbow
after all of the heart's worries


Kavita said…
NICE!!!! Really nice. :)
Prince Joseph said…
It gets better everytime
Interesting blog site!
Dharmesh said…
Oye hoye... cool... this time cool is more for the plantation than the poem ;)
Heey, you're really good! I ocaisionally (I didn't spell that right, did I?) write poetry for fun.
Megha said…
@ Kavita
Thank you.

@ Prince Joseph
I hope so too.

@ Yours Faithfully
I will take 'interesting' as a good thing and say Thank you :).

@ Dharmesh
I agree with you.

@ Lydia, Dolphin Lover
Thank you,
I write sometimes for fun, but mostly to get my mind off things.
Brittany said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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