15 October 2009

Happily Ever After

Did you hear it isn't the end
if it is not 'Happily ever after' !

In the stories we have read,
and the ones we are in,
they say there is a
'Happily ever after'.

Hope, it creates,
inspiration, to dream...
that there exists a unique
'Happily ever after'.
for everyone, everywhere...
it seems to the point
to find and reach their own
'Happily ever after' !

It is quite interesting that
I am a part of somebody else's
and they are a part of my
'Happily ever after' !


Kavita said...

I think I missed this one
But when I read it now
I am very sure
There will be a
'Happily ever after'

PS: I know it does not rhyme. But its okay.. right?

Megha said...

Of course it is okay :)... Who said all poems had to rhyme:)
I had scheduled it to publish on a different date.. so you dint miss it:)

Dharmesh said...

I love the simplicity of the expression and even better, your way of expressing it with simple words and thoughts. I see it as a wish or hope for us and others..

Simply beautiful (tamil style) :))

Megha said...

@ Dharmesh