05 November 2009

I hear music in everything today....

Maybe it is music, maybe it is just me,
maybe to look at things, another way,
whatever it is, it is true..
I hear music in everything today.

Humming birds, humming tunes,
thats music we all think too..
the computer's cooling fan,
the condenser stuttering,
it is funny it seems like
everything is singing
Crisp leaves under my foot,
the rock song on the speaker
the rhythm of dry trees
when the breeze nudges them,
the drizzling water,
the splashing puddles
even the sound of the locking cars...

Maybe it has something to do
with my latest ear phones
maybe they were jinxed
to make the wearer music, hear..

Is something wrong with my ears
or twisted is my mind..
it all seems like a design,
like everything follows a composition..

I guess it is music after all...
Oh well, I hear music in fall :)


Dharmesh said...

It's a ding dong song.. :) Let the tunes of nature and human spread the rhythm of happiness and peace in your musical world :)

Megha said...

@ Dharmesh

Thank you :D That is the hope :)

Kavita said...

Ohh.. WOW!!!

Not one but I have 2 best friends who are too talented!!
Too good a poem.

Megha said...

@ Kavita


vidya said...

Music sure heals and makes one happy. Liked your description of the fall season- crisp leaves, rhythm of dry trees, splashing puddles..you painted it bright:)

Megha said...

@ Vidya,

I am happy you like the description of Fall...
Music has been therapeutic...