08 January 2010

Colors on my wall

On the walls in my home
there are splashes of color
like little drops of water
on dry desert land

The rest of the walls
are all plain and fair
with black frames
and dark wall decor

When I first got them
I thought they were good
like there was clarity
in my day, in my mood

But now they lay heavy
on my mind when I see
they make me think of all
the possibilities they could be..

I tried to give them away
but I cant take them down
every time I try, I put them all back,
each and every one...

I really like the colors
that are bright and gay....
Maybe I will put the others away,
not today but some other day.


Dharmesh said...

I like the poem.. made me to imagine all the possible colors and feelings they express.. might be good to post a pic of your inspiration :)

Kavita said...


Megha said...

@ Dharmesh

Thats the best I could do about the picture at this point :)

@ Kavita
:) back at you :)