01 January 2010

Fresh Start?

Not a new life
not a new day...
it is just a day 
that followed yesterday

And somehow I think
Of new beginnings
and of new horizons,
resolutions and goals

Everything was alright
but somehow I feel lighter
like some heavy cloud has passed,
and the day has gotten brighter

Oh but it has been snowing
and has not snowed harder
Though I enjoy it as much
I am wishing for it to get warmer.

It is just another day
but I like to pretend
as my heart is full of hope
to keep it that way, I intend

That this is a fresh start,
one full of possibilities
the beginning of another
adventure, an opportunity.


Anthony Duce said...

Liked the poem. Every day is new.

Kavita said...

I liked it!!!

vidya said...

Good one, Megha. Have a great year ahead!

Megha said...

Thank you. I am sure if we can look at every day as a new day, every day will turn out to be special...

Me too :)

@ Vidya
Thanks Vidya, you have a great year ahead too.