29 January 2010


Sheets of white..
to my eyes delight..
cotton that floats..
that brightens the night..

As I mark my way..
on this canvas of snow..
I think its metaphoric..
for everyone's now..

Sometimes my car..
skids like a state..
and sometimes it zooms..
like in a race..

But the breathtaking view..
has my spirits high and up..
Enjoy it while its here..
before you know, it will stop..

Snowmen and sleds..
little kids in sweaters..
walks in the plaza ..
at the window, writing letters..
At the coffee shop..
making excuses to stay..
to watch the snow..
falling in the day..

Being late for everything..
and blaming it on the weather..
Drying clothes and shoes,
I dont know why I did bother.
Listening to blues..
and dimming the lights..
imagining it is another..
one of the fairy tale nights...

I think its cheerful..
to see the bright night,
and imagine its full..
of miracles out of sight.


Kavita said...

wonderful... I could see snow falling even in Mumbai after reading this. :D

carterson2 said...

more please

Megha said...

@ Kavita
Snow in mumbai, that would be cool ?