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I am trying I swear, I have changed color,
and also the page...
But I cannot get, more than words few,
out of my head .

Am I trying too hard?
or has it been too long?
my moods are not bad,
in my head, there's my song!
I love the weather,
the snow is gone though,
warm it seems around
a walking I can go...

But I wonder what the matter is,
I cant come up with anything,
for weeks so long I have been
trying to, but not writing.

I know there will be a flood
after a little time
To block, I may try,
but I cant, this heart of mine.

For now, I am going to wait
and please bear with me.
for I write for my mind
and my heart within.
And both of them seem to be
waiting for a sign
to tell them its time, let go
a rushing they will come and rhyme...