05 March 2010


I am trying I swear, I have changed color,
and also the page...
But I cannot get, more than words few,
out of my head .

Am I trying too hard?
or has it been too long?
my moods are not bad,
in my head, there's my song!
I love the weather,
the snow is gone though,
warm it seems around
a walking I can go...

But I wonder what the matter is,
I cant come up with anything,
for weeks so long I have been
trying to, but not writing.

I know there will be a flood
after a little time
To block, I may try,
but I cant, this heart of mine.

For now, I am going to wait
and please bear with me.
for I write for my mind
and my heart within.
And both of them seem to be
waiting for a sign
to tell them its time, let go
a rushing they will come and rhyme...


Kavita said...

If you write so well when you dont have anything to write.. I am waiting for your mind n heart to flow and rhyme. :)

Megha said...

He he, thank you thank you :)

Dharmesh said...

This is similar to what I get with my photography at times.. :) There are times when you are just stuck.. can't think of anything.. And what I do to get back is not think about photography for some time. Most of the times it helps.

Not sure it will help but as the wise say.. advise is free :)) take it.. Since you are creative in many aspects why not do or learn something related to your painting, sketching, gardening, etc. Never know, this might spring some ideas in your creative mind..

As Kavs said.. in a rut you can write so well.. I wonder what will happen when the clouds clear :)

Megha said...

@ Dharmesh
:D Yeah, a creative block...
Thank you for the advice (free wala)..
I am trying gardening(although is it still gardening if it is a few pots and experimenting different plants in the pots?)...

Dharmesh said...

I'll say yes it is still gardening :) Gardening is a process, not a group of processes :) I kinda failed in one attempt to grow some flowers in a pot. Gotta try again :P