21 May 2010

fickle weather

On days like today,
I dont know my mood..
Like the moving clouds,
my mood tends to move.

I am not inspired
I am not excited
Too much is normal
too much to think
too much routine
Its such a stink.

Well, to be honest
its not really bad
Its just that I need
a change, just a tad
To find something
that is exciting
Something unfinished
that will do too....

Oh I dont know what to do
I dont like this mood
I dont like the weather today
Its a little too blue
One minute it rains
the other it gets sunny
There is thunder and lightning
and suddenly there isnt any.

Just so fickle!!


Dharmesh said...

I can so relate to you on this one. I am glad and hopeful that we'll have, at least, in KC, some nice warm weather for few days.

M A said...

@ Dharmesh

It LOOKS warm today.. if only it was true..

Kavita said...


కొత్త పాళీ said...


I don't know if you know Telugu - there is a brilliant poem by a well-known poet Sri Vegunta Mohana Prasad - that deals with this same subject.

M A said...

@ kottapali(?)
Well, I am from Hyd and I do know telugu but I never got to READING anything in Telugu (except movie names). I would be very interested in reading this poem... Can you please send me the name?