07 May 2010

Where is the sun???

I havent seen the sun
oh its been so long
I look out the window
and wait for the dawn

Its not bad, this weather around
but where is my beloved sun?
I like the breeze, the smell of rain
I like the drops of water splashing
I love the way there is always a rainbow
but I miss the sun and the warmth

The moon hasn't come either, to accompany me
the stars have deserted me too..
I blame it all on the missing sun...
I blame him for my mood.

Where is the sun, its been too long
It was never like this before..
Even when it was cold and white
when the snow hid the ground,
even when it was hard to walk
without lots of layers,
The sun was out with glorious charm
and threw little sparkles of light.

I want my sun, and the warmth that comes
when it is bright and not so gloomy!!
I want it right now and I know i cant
have it as I please just so easy.


Kavita said...

Wish you lots and lots of sunshine soon. :)

M A said...

@ Kavita

Looks like your wishes are sort of working, we got some sun.