14 May 2010


I woke up with a start
I dint know why
Something was different,
but what?

Drenched in sweat
I tried to listen
All I heard was
my pounding heart!

Shadows on my wall,
Dancing all they can
shouldnt there be one
for every one light?

It was dark outside,
Or was it twilight?
It was early in the morning,
It was barely 4.
why would I wake up?
what for?

I heard it then,
it wasnt very subtle
Loud and Flashing,
the thunder storm...
I remembered then
there had been a warning..
The hail on the panes
And the wailing wind
The sound of water
hitting everything

A nightmare, a dream...
This is what I woke up to
like I had heard a scream.


Kavita said...

Aww... Send some rains here. And I will send you the sun. And the heat if you want. :)

M A said...

@ Kavita

We got some sun now, although I wish I could send the rains there.
So much overflowing water.. If I could, I would transport it all there.

Dharmesh said...

:)) Nice dream.. Or was it your loving hubby getting some sleep kicks by you hehe