04 June 2010

Be a Child...

Jump up, till your shins hurt
till your breath is all that holds you up

turn around in circles small
till your eyes roll and you got to sit down

run and run till you can no more
till you can hear your heart pumping

Reach up high like you can touch the sky
reach till the tips of your toes can hold no more

Do something that transforms you back
to the times when you were just a child
When things were simple and life was easy
worries were about mom finding you out
How oblivious you were before life happened
to what it could bring to you.

Do something that is innocent and honest
That has no understanding of having grown up
Do it today, do it now... just get up and out...
Try hard for once, to be something. Be a child.


Kavita said...


Will try to do something. :) :)

Dharmesh said...

Hehe cute one.. I can see all this happening when I let loose Bruno in the yard. He does exactly what you just described. Wonder why people say have pets and they will teach you something ;)

I will do or might have already done something like a kid :)

Your post is a good reminder to be innocent sometimes

M A said...

So did you do anything?

Reminder of innocent times??? Innocence should be in the present :P

Swati Aparaju said...

Love it...

M A said...

@Swati di
:D me too