21 May 2011

mind brews!

I have a racing heart
And am anxious too
I am trying to focus
But my mind refuses to
I remember weakened will
It adds to my raising pulse
Whatever’s bothering, escapes me
And grips my conscious
I hope it is a caffeine overdose
But I know that is not true
Restless, anxious, unable to focus
I await my mind’s new brew.

18 March 2011

time has wings

Time has grown wings
There used to be a breeze
but now a wind blows...

04 March 2011

What is this tune?

I hum this tune, all day all the time
I cannot get it out of my head
It has been there forever
And overwhelms me at unexpected times
With it comes nostalgia
As if they go together
And then I cannot get either out
Until they choose to themselves

It is such a pleasant tune
It must’ve been really special
Peaceful like meditation
Fresh like the dew
Dizzy after turning in circles
like the clean breeze in the face.

Its probably the memory
Of some special moment
What it was, what it is
I seem to be missing by a little bit.
I smell happy thoughts that bring me joy,
When I hum this tune, all day, all the time.

21 January 2011

It smells like home today

When sometimes early in the morning
I wake up but am not awake yet
I hear the birds chirping outside
and imagine the cooker's whistle going off
and I transport to a different time
And it smells like home around.

I make myself breakfast
and get ready for work
but I cant get my mind off
the thoughts of happy home.
Sometimes I forget while
I sip on my morning coffee
That I am not at home
and that it is far away.

And I revel in the trance
that I am home and it is wonderful

07 January 2011

Flurries today!

Every time I look out the window
My heart makes up words
To explain what I see
And seldom are they really enough

We have flurries today
Oh what a beautiful sight
White cotton balls floating
I wish there were other words to describe.

I love dull & gloomy days
Is that really so bad
I like them sunny too
And whatever way they come.

When it is cloudy,
Soon there will be rain…
And oh I so love the water
And the smell of wet terrain

Or it may snow
Or we could have flurries
And everything looks real nice
Like a happy picture post card.

But you know this already
For I write and I write
About the pretty weather,
Always, all the time.