21 January 2011

It smells like home today

When sometimes early in the morning
I wake up but am not awake yet
I hear the birds chirping outside
and imagine the cooker's whistle going off
and I transport to a different time
And it smells like home around.

I make myself breakfast
and get ready for work
but I cant get my mind off
the thoughts of happy home.
Sometimes I forget while
I sip on my morning coffee
That I am not at home
and that it is far away.

And I revel in the trance
that I am home and it is wonderful

07 January 2011

Flurries today!

Every time I look out the window
My heart makes up words
To explain what I see
And seldom are they really enough

We have flurries today
Oh what a beautiful sight
White cotton balls floating
I wish there were other words to describe.

I love dull & gloomy days
Is that really so bad
I like them sunny too
And whatever way they come.

When it is cloudy,
Soon there will be rain…
And oh I so love the water
And the smell of wet terrain

Or it may snow
Or we could have flurries
And everything looks real nice
Like a happy picture post card.

But you know this already
For I write and I write
About the pretty weather,
Always, all the time.