21 January 2011

It smells like home today

When sometimes early in the morning
I wake up but am not awake yet
I hear the birds chirping outside
and imagine the cooker's whistle going off
and I transport to a different time
And it smells like home around.

I make myself breakfast
and get ready for work
but I cant get my mind off
the thoughts of happy home.
Sometimes I forget while
I sip on my morning coffee
That I am not at home
and that it is far away.

And I revel in the trance
that I am home and it is wonderful


Dharmesh said...

Another one.. simple & sweet.. I like the way how you paint the picture with your words.. Reminded me of my mornings back home..

Anthony Duce said...

Very good. It sometimes smells the same for me, odd mornings, once in a while.

Kavita said...


M A said...

@ Dharmesh

@ Duce
Thanks, And when it does smell like it, I am overwhelmed... but thats what the poem said ;)

@ Kavita
:) to you too.