04 March 2011

What is this tune?

I hum this tune, all day all the time
I cannot get it out of my head
It has been there forever
And overwhelms me at unexpected times
With it comes nostalgia
As if they go together
And then I cannot get either out
Until they choose to themselves

It is such a pleasant tune
It must’ve been really special
Peaceful like meditation
Fresh like the dew
Dizzy after turning in circles
like the clean breeze in the face.

Its probably the memory
Of some special moment
What it was, what it is
I seem to be missing by a little bit.
I smell happy thoughts that bring me joy,
When I hum this tune, all day, all the time.


Dharmesh said...

You created a visual of the feeling from this humming tune. Made me think about some of the tunes I have been humming for years that are stored in a remote corner of my brain and recollected unconsciously. Whenever that moment happens it makes me feel good :)

Loved this post

Kavita said...

Loved this one!! :)

M A said...

@Dharmesh & Kavita,

Thank you.